Scholarship Trust Document

A scholarship trust program or a scholarship trust organisation is an entity which offers scholarships to certain people or students who are eligible for it in terms of certain requirements which are to be fulfilled. A scholarship trust document is a formally drafted document which seals the clauses of the scholarship which is being offered. These documents lay down the various important details between the entity providing scholarship and person receiving it.

Sample Scholarship Trust Document:


Organisation issuing scholarship: British scholarship program

Category of scholarship trust: Canadian students holding a first division in graduation score

Name of scholarship holder: Raymond Nathan

Address of scholarship holder: G-78/Fila road, Toronto, Canada

Qualification: First division holder in Mathematical sciences

Documents attached: Yes

Name of scholarship provider: Mr. Peter Pettigrew

Date of scholarship issuing: 24th June 2012

Period of scholarship: 6 months

Scholarship type: 6 month post graduation in desired field in any university of UK

University selected: Liverpool University

Special features of scholarship trust:

  • The scholarship holder has been tested for transparency of scholarship eligibility and has been offered the scholarship to study post graduation in UK.
  • The British scholarship trust programs issues 6 students from Canada a scholarship under this program.
  • The date of admission to the course is 5th September 2012
  • The costs of hostel facilities, college fee and return air ticket has been sponsored by the Trust.
  • The student cannot leave the scholarship in between and leave the country under this program’s regulations.
  • The student must submit graduation certificate at the time of admission.

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