Scanning Medical Records Document

A scanning medical records document is a special report based on the application of various technologies to convert a written medical record into digital or other advanced records that can help in making a perfect analysis of certain medical conditions. The methodologies applied for scanning medical records will have to be studied thoroughly and implemented carefully ensuring that the outcome of the scanning process will benefit the target group and help in further treatment.

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Sample Scanning Medical Records Document:

Scanning Medical Records Document

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St. Joseph’s Institute for Advanced Medical Studies and Research

11, Hungerford Lane

New York


Prepared by:

Jeremy K. Joseph

[Executive Director]


John Patrick

[Manager, Department of Medical Records Collection, and Study]

Purpose of the document:

The primary objective of converting individual medical records into e-records, for each patient, is to provide a thorough report of individual medical state in a systematic manner. The digital records will be maintained mechanically and thus it will ensure proper management, with absolutely no fear of losing crucial documents or other manual errors.

Work plan of the scanning medical records document:

  • The scanning medical records document will be prepared in such a manner that all data, regarding the patient(s), will be entered into the corresponding digital system and surveyed there.
  • There will be separate charts and files for every patient, which will be distinguished from each other by a unique identity code. The codes and the corresponding names will have to be indexed in such a manner that the information and respective medical records can be easily searched when required.
  • Other details, such as treatment the patient has been subject to, name(s) of respective doctor(s) and supervisor(s), medicines, tests conducted, etc. should all be mentioned alongwith.

Contact number:

00 1 – 718 – 283719287

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