Sample Trust Document

A sample trust document is one where a benefactor entrusts a certain amount of money to his or her beneficiaries through the creation of a trust which is managed by a certain number of trustees. It must be written clearly with specific details mentioned in a comprehensive manner so that there are no confusions or ambiguities

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Sample Trust Document

Sample Trust Document

Download Free Sample Trust Document

The following trust document is a statement of the benefactors, beneficiaries and trustees and the amount of the trust, its purposes as well as it mode of being governed. The following particulars are to be noted for further reference:

Name of benefactor: Jason Heinrich

Name of trust: The Jason Heinrich Trust for Meritorious Students

Chief trustee: New York University

Beneficiaries: The chief beneficiaries of this trust fund will be the students of the New York University.

Nature of trust fund: This trust fund, formed out of the initial capital provided by the Late Jason Heinrich, is a trust for meritorious students of New York University, also the alma mater of Mr. Heinrich himself. The money of the trust will be used to fund a scholarship program as well as provide research grants to deserving students in the arts. Up to twenty grants can be offered by the capital in the trust now.

Initial capital with which the trust will be started: $20000000 [in assets as well as capital]

The trust will be periodically reviewed by a trust management committee consisting of officials from the boards of the university, law as well as senior government representatives.

Signature of trust committee head: ___________________________________

Signature of advocate: __________________________________

Signature of Mrs. Heinrich: ______________________________

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