Sample Tender Document

A sample tender document is one which is put forward by companies in response to a notification issued by another company seeking partners who will participate in their functioning and projects in a significant manner. Tenders are chosen on basis of appropriateness and the impact that they can create. A tender thus faces competition from other tenders and must be written well.

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Sample Tender Document

Sample Tender Document

Download Free Sample Tender Document

This document is in response to your notification in the Daily Gazette on 23rd June 2011. In reply to your notification outlining your need for a stationery supplier for your printing facility in New York, we have prepared a tender [Number 7365756] and we sincerely hope you will be suitable impressed with it. We look forward to starting a fruitful working relationship with you. The following details must be noted:

  • Name of company: Sunshine Stationers
  • Address: 34 Mapleton, New York
  • Year of establishment: 1994
  • Telephone number: 726476671 / 83472867

We specialize in: All kinds of paper used for printing and photocopying.

Our A4 paper is believed to be of the best quality in this area.

  • We shall supply you with paper stacks [depending upon the nature of the paper and the requirements] at the beginning of every month for a trial period of one year.
  • Our prices is also the most attractive, as we believe in quality at reasonable prices.
  • The price listings for various kinds of paper and other equipment are attached with this tender document.

For more information please contact:

Mr. Jason Bourne,


Sunshine Stationers.

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