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A sample technical document is one which will act as a sample or guide for other documents of a similar nature. Technical documents are written materials on certain products and thus they must involve an understanding of how to convey information about a product to an audience in a simple yet illustrated manner. This requires considerable practice and experience in technical writing, but sample technical documents help a long way in understanding the basic format of a technical document. Hence the need for quality sample technical documents is immense.

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Sample Technical Document:

Sample Technical Document

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Product Launch Technical Document for Hitachi MP4 Player

  • This product has been manufactured on the 12th of June 2011 and shall be released in the market on the 12th of July 2011.
  • The product has a music storage capacity of 10GB, making it one of the most sought after deals in the price range that it belongs to.
  • The product shall be priced at 50USD, and prices are expected to rise after the initial quarter of release.
  • The product shall be made available to all leading electronic goods companies, and can also be ordered online from our website.
  • The product shall be battery operated, and the USB cable attached along with the product shall serve as the charger as well. In case of damage to the USB cable or to the headphones of the product, these will be singly available in our retail outlets.

Product launch technical document composed by: Product

Date of composition of product launch technical document: 23rd June 2011

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