Sample Strategy Document

A sample strategy document is a framework of a strategy document. It carries the plans of an organization for high rated performance of the organization. It is an essential document for any organization so that the organizational strategies can be made powerful and implemented confidently. It must be prepared unambiguously so that the goals and strategies are clear and comprehensible to the people working in it.

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Sample Strategy Document

Sample Strategy Document

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Subject: Strategy document of Golden Dinner Restaurant

Name of the company applying for a strategy document: Golden Dinner Restaurant

Strategy document prepared by: Denmark Guilford, Head of Planning Department, FISS Hotel Management Institute.

Date of authorization: 13th June, 2011

Nature of strategy document: This document confirms the functional and qualitative strategies of the restaurant. It focuses on the planning and programming of the worker service, food quality and ambience development.

The strategies of the company are laid down as follows:

  • The lighting and colours used in the restaurant interiors must be dim and subtle.
  • Workers must report to work at 9 am and leave after 12 midnight.
  • Waiters and waitresses must be cooperative and courteous while taking and delivering orders.
  • Priority must be given to the taste of the dish followed by its health factor.
  • Crockery used must be well scrubbed and disinfected before every serving.
  • List of dishes and their respective prices is fixed as given in the attached sheet.
  • A provision of mass delivery of food items must be kept for occasions and social functions.

Signature of Head of Planning Department: ________________________________

Date: _____________________

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