Sample Specification Document

A sample specification document is one which lays down the description of all the specifications and requirements concerned with a technical device. It can serve many purposes including accomplishment of increased understanding of the appliance, elusion of discrepancies in the working and better resource and time management.

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Sample Specification Document

Sample Specification Document

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Subject: Specification document of Power Transformer

Name of the company demanding a specification document: Fighter Engineering Group (FEG)

Specification document set down by: Henry Owen, Consulting Engineer of Georgia Consultancy.

Date of issue of specification document: 13th January, 2011

Nature of specification document: This document represents the functional specifications of the apparatuses, tools and implements required for development and functioning of an electrical transformer and the procedure by which the requirements are to be realized.

Functional specifications of a transformer are as follows:

  • The voltage ratio required of the transformer is 11KV/0.4 KV of power 100KVA.
  • The rated voltage of oil required for the working of the concerned transformer is 18KV.
  • The material required for high and low voltage winding of transformer is copper.
  • An arrangement of earthing is necessary for the transformer.
  • The painting of the transformer body is required to be of superior quality.
  • Rated capacity of high tension bushing and low tension bushing should be of 11 KV and 400 V respectively.

Procedure of Equipment testing: A thorough computer based checking of the supply and quality records of the items have to be established to ensure that the functional requirements are met.

Signature of the Consulting Engineer: ___________________________________

Date: _____________________

Place: ____________________

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