Sample Resume Document

A sample resume document is one which outlines the salient features of a resume prepared by a candidate seeking a particular job. It must be precise and through. A tone of courtesy must be maintained, and immodesty is most undesirable. A sample resume document must highlight how to write a proper resume document.

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Sample Resume Document

Sample Resume Document

Download Free Sample Resume Document

Name: Jimmy Baker

Date of birth: 13th June 1982

Job position sought: Assistant Professor of English at New York University.

Academic qualifications:

  • Passed the ‘A’ levels and ‘O’ levels with distinction, securing 89% in the former and 86% in the latter.
  • Graduated from New York University with Honors in English and an overall percentage of 71%.
  • Completed post graduation from Oxford University, with a specialization in English Renaissance.
  • Completed M.Phil. in 2010 from Oxford University.
  • Currently pursuing Ph. D in Printing Technology in Early Modern England. Thesis expected to be complete by 2013.


  • I hope to contribute as an assistant professor with my through grasp of the subject as well as my dedication and sincerity.
  • I want to build up my students’ confidence by encouraging them and instilling in them the confidence they need to become secure and self confident individuals.
  • I also want to convey my love for the subject to them and thereby create in them, the interest and desire to gather more knowledge.
  • I want to, in a sense, give back to academia what it has blessed me with. I want to create the same enthusiasm in my students that my professor generated in me.

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