Sample Requirement Document

A sample requirement document is one which identifies the needs of a particular project and constructs ways of fulfilling those needs in the most effective manner possible. It must be as clear and unambiguous as possible. A sample requirement document must be precise in order to be valuable reference point for executers of a project.

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Sample Requirement Document

Sample Requirement Document

Download Free Sample Requirement Document

Product Requirement Document

Name of product: Gino’s Instant Pasta

Product manager: Robert Rudnick

Product requirement document prepared by: Jana Simmons. Marketing head, Gino’s Instant Pasta

Date of submission of requirement document: 13th August 2011

Purpose of this product: Gino’s Instant Pasta is the new range of instant food products that Gino’s is launching. The primary audience base we intend to market our product to consists mainly of adolescents. It is a wholesome and nutritious meal with zero added preservatives and minimum calories.

Requirements for the product at this stage:

  • A core team of experts who will verse every aspect of the product from its packaging to its launch in the market, its marketing and publicity and its availability across the country.
  • A planning committee specifically overseeing the launch which is the most crucial step at the initial stages of the products life.
  • A preview of the plans for the launch and initial round of talks with distributors and supermarket chains across the country.
  • Funds for the launch campaign. We shall sue our own stock of capital as well as organize fruitful tie ups with other chains.

Date of launching of the product: 13th June 2012

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