Sample Proposal Document

A sample proposal document is one which outlines the main tenets of a proposal. The proposal document will vary depending on the nature of the proposal. However, the outline of the proposal, its nature and the means of executing or implementing the proposal are some of the features that are common to most sample proposal documents.

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Sample Proposal Document

Sample Proposal Document

Download Free Sample Proposal Document

Subject: Proposal for a New Centralized library

Proposal submitted by: New York State University

Date of submission of proposal: 13th May 2011

The need for a new library:

  • The existing central library on our campus was built over fifty years ago. Thus it is inadequate to encompass the requirements of our staff and students. The number of streams we offer has increased.
  • The scope for a new digitized library does not exist in the current library. This includes additional space for computer terminals, electricity lines etc. the new library we are hoping to secure funds for should have all these facilities and it will be a state of the art library.

The new library shall contain:

  • Floors segregated for all departments.
  • Completely digitized facilities including the system of digital catalogs and microfilms.
  • More reading rooms for students and teachers.
  • Facilities for photocopying and binding books.
  • More space for journals and newsletters.

Amount of funds needed: $ 1000000000

Funds already obtained: $3000000

We hope you will consider our proposal and help us in our initiative to expand our library facilities.

Jason Bourne

Vice Chancellor

New York State University

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