Sample Notarized Document

A sample notarized document is one which shows the method by which a notarized document is framed. A notarized document is one which carries the authority vested by the state in a public notary and thus can be assumed to be genuine and authentic. It is often a necessity in legal documents as the verification of the information contained in the document is confirmed by the notary’s signature and seal.

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Sample Notarized Document:

Sample Notarized Document

Download Free Sample Notarized Document

Mapleton County Court, Mapleton

Subject: Lease Agreement

This lease agreement is to inform whosoever may be concerned that I, Mr. Duncan Jones, of 56th and 45th West End High, Mapleton [henceforth known as the lessor] have agreed to lease an apartment owned by me, situated at 45B Mansfield Park, to Mr. Kevin O’Neill, of 54 Bond Street, New York. The duration of the lease agreement is five years. The date of commencement is 23rd May 2011 and the date of termination is 23rd May 2016.

The apartment to be leased is of an area of 1200 square feet and valued at $1000000 at current real estate estimations. It will be provided to the lessee without furnishings. Electricity and gas connections already exist but during the period of the lease agreement, their used shall be paid for by the lessee himself. The apartment shall be used for official purposes only. Any breach of contract in this regard shall be penalized.

All information provided in this document is true to my knowledge.

Signature of lessor: ___________________

Signature of lessee: ____________________                Signature of notary: ________________

Stamp/seal of notary: ________________________________

Signature of advocate: _______________________________

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