Sample Mortgage Document

Mortgages act as security against the money borrowed as loan. Sample mortgage document is a schematic representation of the details pertaining to the transaction of a loan between parties. It is made with expert help and suggestions to ensure utility of the deal. The document holds a legal value.

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Sample Mortgage Document:

Sample Mortgage Document

Download Free Sample Mortgage Document

Subject: Mortgage agreement between Your Banking System and Ms. Kelly Burton

Partakers involved: Your Banking System [henceforth referred to as A] and Kelly Burton [henceforth referred to as B]

Nature of agreement: This agreement verifies that A has sanctioned, under the following terms, an educational loan of $8, 50, 000 to B to pursue higher education in another country. The duly attested photocopies of the relevant documents have been provided.

Time period for validity of loan repayment: Three years

Rate of interest of loan: 12% pa.

Date of first installment payment: 17th January, 2011

Date of last installment payment: 17th January, 2014

Points to be noted:

  • B has mortgaged a property of $10,000,000 against the loan that stands as a security.
  • The property will be duly confiscated by the bank if the repayment is not made within the stipulated time.

The terms and conditions have to be stringently adhered to as these have underlying legal significance. Any false information or document submitted here for sanction of the loan will be treated with severe legal actions.

Signature of bank authority A: _________________________________

Signature of money borrower B: _______________________________

Signature of witness 1: _______________________________________

Signature of witness 2: _______________________________________

Date:  1st January, 2011                                                                 Place: Boston, US

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