Sample Loan Document

A sample loan document is one which embodies a loan deal. It is created on the basis of the agreements traded between a banker or money lender and the borrower or client. As it is a legal deal, the document must be formatted with care and approved officially to stay away from errors.

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Sample Loan Document:

Sample Loan Document

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Subject: Loan agreement between WeCare Bankers and Mr. Harrison Ford

Participants: WeCare Bankers [henceforth referred to as A] and Harrison Ford [henceforth referred to as B]

Nature of agreement: This document validates the fact that A has sanctioned a home loan of $4, 50, 000 to B to purchase a house. The relevant documents are enclosed here. This contract rests on the following terms and conditions.

Time period for the validity of loan repayment: Four years

Date of first installment payment: 7th September, 2011

Date of last installment payment: 7th September, 2015

Points to be noted:

  • B has ascertained a guarantor of the loan who would stand as security in case of his failure to repay the loan.
  • B has agreed to pay back the full amount along with the interest at the rate of 12% per annum.

The agreement is binding on all the parties involved in the deed and any violation of the aforesaid terms will be counted as a break of law. The parties must make all attempts to rigidly follow the terms carrying legal credence.

Signature of loan provider A: _________________________________

Signature of money borrower B: _______________________________

Signature of guarantor: _______________________________________

Signature of witness: _________________________________________

Date:  1st August, 2011

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