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Sample Legal Document

Sample Legal Document

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Affidavit by the Student against Ragging

This is to inform that I, Marisa Gomes, daughter of Mr. Samuel Gomes, a student of Nevada State University [enrollment number: 7464756], pledge in this affidavit that I shall not participate in, or abet, any act on campus and off it, that may be constituted as ragging. I have clearly read and understood the University Commission Regulations against ragging. These regulations, henceforth known as ‘guidelines’, were issued in 2009. I have especially read and understood what constitutes ragging, how it is an offence and exactly how I may be penalized if found guilty.

I will follow the guidelines to the best of my abilities. I shall not permit the menace of ragging to pollute my campus. I shall not only decline from participating in ragging myself, but I shall also not be a mute witness to it. In case I am found guilty of ragging or abetting any act that may be constituted as ragging, I shall be produced before a tribunal and legal repercussions will follow. All the facts provided in this document are true to my knowledge.

Thanking you,

Marisa Gomes

Signature: __________________________________

Signature of parent: ___________________________

Signature of advocate: ________________________

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