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A sample historical document is one which shows the nature of historical documents in general. Historical documents are those which are valued for their antiquarian importance. They can include memorials, letters, legal documents, medical records or even literature. Any historical document must be well preserved after its authenticity has been verified.

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Sample Historical Document:

Sample Historical Document

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The following is an extract from a historically invaluable letter written by a concentration camp survivor. It is now preserved in the Auschwitz Concentration camp museum as a representative of the unimaginable hardships faced by the prisoners. It is in an extremely fragile condition and the date in the letter makes its composition in the year 1942 likely.

…The day begins with a roll call in the centre of the square. The Kapo hits at prisoners for not standing straight, which is nearly impossible in the bitter biting cold…Returning home seems next to impossible. The only constant is the hunger I feel, the constant craving for warm stew. It is amazing how every impulse, every need of the body becomes magnified in the longs hours of the night, pressed as we are, two to a bunk. I do not expect this letter will ever be read. But it is not my intention to surrender to the mindlessness that governs our every activity….a shutting down of the senses when the physical impact of the ice, the slush and hunger become overpowering. I dream of the warm stew I did not have my fill of back home…

The letter, written in Polish, has been translated into English by noted author Johaan Wladislaw. The author of this letter has been identified as Augustus Spielman, gassed between March 1943 and June 1943.

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