Sample Financial Document

The sample financial document is an essential document that is used by business firms to pin point the different aspects of finances within an organization. The document helps to keep track of all the areas of the business organization and the financial workings related to it. Generally, the financial document is created by the financial heads of the different department. However, a professional finance expert can also be hired for this purpose. This document must be formulated carefully and with great precision so as to serve it as important referential paperwork.

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Sample Financial Document:

Sample Financial Document

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Name of Company: Ryan InfoTech Ltd.

Financial Document created by: Finances Express Co.

Date of creation of the Financial Document: 23/7/2011

Financial document for the year: 2010-2011

Purchases from the month of June 2010 to July 2011

  • Payment Made: All payments by Ryan InfoTech Ltd have been accounted for in the balance sheet.
  • Payment terms: All payments by Ryan Info Tech Ltd have been according to the terms and conditions that had been stipulated.

Supplies done from the month of June 2010 to July 2011

  • Supplies: All supplies have been made by Ryan InfoTech and each supply has been done within the stated deadline.
  • Payment received: All payments except from Sun Computers have been received. The delivery for Sun Computers had been made on November, 2010. Payment is yet to be received.
  • Amount due: $123,990. The reminder for the payment has been sent. In case of failure to pay, the company will be forced to take legal actions.

Status of Balance Sheet: Liabilities outweigh the assets by $123,990.

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