Sample Divorce Document

A sample divorce document is one which is presented by the couple seeking a divorce in court. It is legally valid and thus must be written carefully. Some details must be included as these are essential. A sample divorce document must be unambiguous and it be written in an objective tone. A sample divorce document must receive legal ratification.

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Sample Divorce Document:

Sample Divorce Document

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Mapleton County Court

Application for divorce

Date: 12th January 2011

Petitioner: Gina Rogers [nee Samuels]                                  Petition number: 37465346

Respondent: Davies Rogers

This application for divorce is initiated by the petitioner Gina Rogers [nee Samuels] requesting an annulment of her marriage to respondent Davies Rogers. The petitioner and the respondent were married for ten years [1991-]. The petitioner has cited irreconcilable differences as the chief reason for ending the marriage. The respondent has decided to settle for an out of court agreement and he has acceded to the wishes of the petitioner. The divorce shall be finalized on 13th January 2011. Custody of their two year old child shall be retained by the petitioner. The respondent shall be granted permission for visits, the details of which are mentioned in the document attached along with this form.

Signature of petitioner: ______________________________________

Signature of respondent: _____________________________________

Signature of advocate: _______________________________________

Place: Mapleton


Divorce affects the divisions made in a will. In case of a will already which has already been made at the time of signing the divorce forms by either petitioner or respondent, section 56[A] of the Penal Code comes into effect. [Check overleaf for more details].

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