Sample Design Document

A sample design document is one which highlights the salient features of a design project. It can vary depending on the nature of the design, the parameters of the project and so on. A sample design document can highlight the designing plans of an apartment or the interior designing of an office. However, irrespective of the nature of the document, it should be well written.

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Sample Design Document

Sample Design Document

Download Free Sample Design Document

Name of the design project: Interior decoration of apartment to be used for family occupancy.

Design project conceptualized and implemented by: Plush Pvt. Ltd.

Design project commissioned by: Dr. Harold Roberts

Apartment location: 45 Green field Park, West End, London.

Points to be noted:

  • The interior of this apartment will be modeled on a theme of the surf as the location of the apartment is close to the beach so the interiors must harmonize with the natural landscape outside.
  • The primary colors to be used thus are blue and green. Other shades and variants of these two primary colors will be used extensively.
  • The furnishings to be used will be used in sync with the overall décor. In order to retain the natural feel of the interiors, easily maintained materials like cane will be used in an appropriate manner.
  • Our core team of designers comprise of Ginny Lambert, Tom Stopping and Micah Roberts.

Overall cost of the designing project: $30000000

Expected time of completion of the designing project: June 2014

Apartment will be handed over to Mr. Roberts by July 2014.

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