Sample Contract Document

A sample contract document is one which highlights the important provisions that a contract entails. A contract is a legal agreement between two or more parties about services rendered or goods exchanged. It must thus be unambiguous and based on accurate facts. Though contracts vary depending on the nature of agreement, a certain pattern is usually adhered to.

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Sample Contract Document

Sample Contract Document

Download Free Sample Contract Document

Contract Document between Gino’s Florists and Petals Flower Suppliers

Annexure 1

Parties in the contract:

  • Petals Flower Suppliers [Henceforth referred to as A]
  • Gino’s Florists [Henceforth referred to as B]

Nature of contract: This contract agreement testifies to the verbal accord between the abovementioned participants regarding supply of fresh flowers by A to B. the following are the particulars of the contract.

Time of validity of contract: 5 years

Date of commencement: 1st July 2010

Date of termination: 1st July 2015

Important points that must be noted:

  • A shall supply B with fresh flowers every morning according to the agreement in the initial stages. The cheque for the same shall be enclosed in the order form sent every week.
  • In case of any breach of contract, legal proceedings shall be initiated after due consideration.
  • However, in case of a natural calamity, or some such acceptable hurdles, the delivery of flowers may be interrupted. In such circumstances, considerations will be made after deliberations.

Signature of representative of A: _____________________________

Signature of representative of B: ____________________________

Signature of witness: ____________________________

Signature of advocate: ______________________________

Date: 1st March 2010                                            Place: New York

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