Sample Business Document

A sample business document is one which outlines the terms and conditions that govern the setting up of a business deal. It can also include any document like an email or a fax which conveys messages of import in a business. At times, it is legally valid and any breach of contract, if signed by the participants, will result in legal repercussions.

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Sample Business Document

Sample Business Document

Download Free Sample Business Document

Subject: Consignment of Product

To: Papier-mâché Pvt. Ltd.

From: Silver Printers and Copiers

This business document is to notify the recipient of the need for a consignment of paper, amounting to 200 stacks [Regular, A4]. This consignment must reach us by the end of June 2011 as specified by the terms and conditions of our contract [Contract number 2355; attested photocopy enclosed]. The following details must be noted:

  • The shipment must be sent to the address: Silver Printers and Copiers, 23B Madison Avenue, New York
  • Each stack must contain 1000 sheets of regular A4 sized paper.
  • Each stack must be color coded, as has been agreed at the time of finalizing the contract.
  • A cheque of $30000 is enclosed along with this document. The remainder shall be paid at the time of delivery as stipulated by the contract.
  • This consignment shall be followed by four more such shipments as per the terms of the contract.

[Any breach of contract is liable to legal action.]

We hope to have a fruitful working relationship with you. Thanking you,

Jason Rogers,

Silver Printers and Copiers

New York.

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