Sample Agreement Document

A sample agreement document is one which provides details regarding the agreement between two or more parties on a transaction. A sample agreement document must contain the full implications of the agreement and all the clauses contained therein. It should be unambiguous and clearly framed so that it can act as a source of reference in case of any misunderstanding.

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Sample Agreement Document

Sample Agreement Document

Download Free Sample Agreement Document

Subject: Agreement document between Health Farm Pvt. Ltd, and Roberto’s Pizzeria

Participants: Health Farm Pvt. Ltd [henceforth referred to as A] and Roberto’s Pizzeria [henceforth referred to as B]

Nature of agreement: This document attests the agreement between A and B regarding the former’s supply of fresh organic produces including herbs, vegetables and bread to B. This verbal contract is actualized in this agreement document.

Time period for the validity of agreement: Two years

Date of commencement of agreement: 12th June 2011

Date of termination: 12th June 2013

Points to be noted:

  • The organic produce for every week within the period of agreement shall be transferred to our storehouse on East Street, New York.
  • Money for the same shall be enclosed in the form of a demand draft with the order sheet every week.

It must be remembered that this agreement, signed by officials of both the participating conglomerations, carries legal weight. In case of any breach of agreement, legal repercussions will be likely.

Signature of official representing A: _____________________________________________

Signature of official representing B: _____________________________________________

Signature of mediating official: ____________________________________

Signature of witness 1: ____________________________________________

Signature of witness 2: ___________________________________________

Date:  1st April 2011                                                                                     Place: New York

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