Sales Agreement Document

A sales agreement document is a tool which legally establishes a purchase deed between two parties one of which is a seller and the other is a buyer. The document is prepared in such a manner that it clearly declares the disclaimer about ownership rights, recitals, terms and warranties. It is the ultimate answer to all doubts and questions.

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Sample Sales Agreement Document

Sales Agreement Document

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This purchase agreement is consummated by and between seller, Mr. Eddy Flick and buyer, Mr. Marc Liver and is dated on 6th February, 2011. The agreement is subject to termination in case of failure to meet the criteria laid down on part of the parties.

Subject matter:

The agreement is based on the sale of a vehicle which is owned by the seller who is boundless and free to merchandise his rights to anybody under the legal eye.

Product identification:

The vehicle being referred to here is a mini-truck with number NY48390.


The seller hereby is interested in passing down his ownership rights to the buyer and the buyer hereby is interested in purchasing them under the terms and conditions given for the execution of the agreement.

Terms and conditions:

  • The rights of the vehicle shall be conferred upon the buyer by the seller for which the buyer shall have to pay $70, 0000 in total in order to acquire his rights.
  • The vehicle will be transferred by courier on 6th March, 2011 to the buyers’ residential address.
  • The seller hereby agrees that the concerned vehicle is free from any litigation.


Eddy Flick

Marc Liver

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