Road Maintenance Agreement Document

A road maintenance agreement document is one which is a sort of undertaking between two or more groups or organization regarding road maintenance. Such an agreement document must specify the names and other details of the parties involved, as well as delegate responsibility between them for maintenance of specific sections of the road.

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Sample Road Maintenance Agreement Document:

Road Maintenance Agreement Document

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The following document attests to the agreement between Public Works Division, Government of New York State, [company 1] and Jenkins Pvt. Ltd.[company 2] regarding the annual maintenance works of the section of the 5th State Highway which stretches from New Ringgold to New Appleton. The distance is approximately 200 kilometers, and the stretch shall be divided into half and each half will be assigned to each party. The organizations concerned will not interfere in each other’s work, but if necessary, will provide logistical, technical and infrastructural support to each other. The aspects of road maintenance which each organization will handle include:

  • Laying on asphalt covering periodically to strengthen roads.
  • Covering up of potholes and craters.
  • Demarcating space for heavy vehicles like buses and trucks and space for lighter vehicles.
  • Monitoring of traffic during construction.
  • Making sure that the stretch is in top condition as this highway is one of the most important and arterial connectors between New York and New Jersey.

The organizations must read and clearly imbibe the terms and conditions of this agreement. The duration of the road maintenance agreement is two years after which the agreement may be renewed depending on performance.

Signature of representative from company 1: ______________________

Signature of representative from company 2: _______________________

Date: 13th June 2011

Place: New York

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