Resume Word Document

A resume word document is a resume which is created by the applicant using Microsoft Office, which offers a bundle of applications and services like MS Word. A resume word document can be made by opening a new Word document and selecting the right resume out of the number of choices available. Word offers templates for resume and one can choose one of the templates and fill in his or her information in those blank spaces to create a resume word document. The basic information that needs to be given is name and contact details, skills and qualifications, certain relevant personal information and any previous work experience.

Sample Resume Word Document:


Name: Rachel Browne

Address: 22 Woodrow Lane, Ohio

Email ID:

Phone number: 89342232523

Objective: To do well in the field of sales using my skills and experience and contribute positively towards the organization I work for

Educational qualifications (starting with the latest):

Course                         Institution                               Year                Percentage/GPA

MBA                           Capital University                   2000                80%

BBA                            Capital University                   1998                82%

High school                 St Martin’s High School         1994                85%

Professional experience (starting with the latest):

Name of company                   Designation                             Number of years worked

Green Leaf Inc                        Senior sales executive             2 years

Connect All Co                       Sales executive                        2 years

Shadow Enterprises                Sales man                                3 years

Skills and area of expertise:

I have excellent communication skills and can use it for both verbal and written communication with clients and customers

I have good networking skills and I am persistent in the field

I am a good leader, organized and make decisions quickly

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