Resume Layout Word Document

A resume layout word document means a resume which has been created by using one of the different layouts or formats offered by Microsoft Word, an application that helps to create various types of documents including resumes. Every resume has a particular layout, that is, a structure which forms the basic framework of the resume and the applicant can fill up his information according to the layout of the document. The layout may vary according to the personal choice of the applicant or also depend on the kind of job where one is applying for. Some layouts may be formal and to the point, while others may be more creative.

Sample Resume Layout Word Document:

Name: Darren Holmes

Address: 554 West View Avenue, Spring Town

Email ID:

Phone number: 636534535

Objective: To obtain a position at an esteemed institute where I can use my skills and knowledge to teach children and motivate them to become positive individuals

Educational qualifications:

2000                Received master’s degree in English from University of Chicago with a 3.9 GPA

1998                Received bachelor’s degree in English from University of Chicago with a 4.2 GPA

1996                Passed high school from Greenfield High School with 82%

Professional experience:

2001: Worked as an elementary teacher in Tiny Tots for 2 years

2003: Worked as a middle school teacher in Brenham Junior High for 2 years

2004: Working in Giles High School currently


I have very good communication and motivational skills

I like to be positive and instill that among children

I remain calm under pressure

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