Resume Document Format

Resume documents are prepared by those who are looking for new employment opportunities or higher studies. Therefore, a resume document format should be constructed highlighting all the essential skills and qualification in a concise form so that it is highly appreciable and accepted by the concern authorities.

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Sample Resume Document Format

Resume Document Format

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Name of the person ______________________

Date of birth _________________

Address ______________________

Phone number __________________________


First Paragraph: The first paragraph should begin with highlighting the career objective of the candidate. Then it should effectively outline the educational qualification so that it could give a clear picture to the recruiters or concern authority about the knowledge of the candidate. It must effectively mention about the co-curricular activities so that it depicts the candidate’s interest on other activities apart from education as well.

Second Paragraph: While framing the resume a candidate should always remember to set him or herself apart from others. Therefore, in this paragraph one can essentially outline those attributes and skills which can help the concern authority to determine their efficiency apart from others. Even this paragraph can stress upon the future goals of the candidate as well so that the concern authority could access the candidate’s outlook at its best.

Third Paragraph: The final or third paragraph should be used to mention about the work experience, essential trainings, projects and internships done by the applicant. One should also mention about the achievements made by the candidate throughout in order to make the resume a little more persuasive and appreciable to the concern authority.

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