Residential Lease Document

A residential lease document is a document which may be prepared to keep a record of the lease which has been issued (and subsequently taken) on a residential property. Such documents are usually prepared for legal purposes and consist of legally binding terms and conditions which have to be obeyed by the involved parties so as to ensure that the lease does not prematurely terminate. For the convenience of all those who need to prepare such a document provided below is a sample residential lease document.

Sample Residential Lease Document

Date on which the document is being written: 20th June 2010

Purpose of the Document: This document is being prepared to record the lease arrangement of a residential property. All of the relevant details are mentioned in this document.

Date on which lease starts: 1st July 2010

Date on which lease expires: 30th June 2012

Details of the owner of residential property:

Name: Mrs. Hailey Walter

Contact No.: 676-087-463

Correspondence Address: House No. 35, Main Street, City of London, London, United Kingdom.

Details of the party leasing the property:

Name: Mr. Mathew Simpson

Contact No.: 345-476-708

Alternative Correspondence Address: 353, City of Westminster, London, United Kingdom.

Details of the Apartment being leased:

Type: Residential

Address: 5323, Main Street, City of London, Central London, United Kingdom.

Terms of the lease:

  • The lease has been issued for a period of 2 years (24 months) after which a new lease must be drawn.
  • None of the involved parties are under any legal bindings to renew the lease. The lease can be renewed if both the parties agree to the same.
  • The lease amount has been decided and agreed upon, though it may be revised after the current lease expires.
  • The lease is a temporary transfer of living rights of the property.


Signature of lessee:

Mathew Simpson

Signature of lessor:

Hailey Walter

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