Residential Lease Agreement Document

A residential lease agreement document is a paper-work based on a lease agreement. It is enunciated to codify the deals within the agreement between the seller and the buyer of a residential property for a definite period. Therefore, it must be intricately written down to keep the participants free of doubts and questions.

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Sample Residential Lease Agreement Document

Residential Lease Agreement Document

Download Free Residential Lease Agreement Document

Subject: Residential lease agreement between April Harrison and Loin Bolton

Participants: Mr. April Harrison [henceforth referred to as lesser] and Loin Bolton [henceforth referred to as lessee]

Type of agreement: This agreement document bears testimony to the residential lease between the lesser and the lessee wherein the former has leased a house to the latter for 4 years. The required documents pertaining to the lessee’s income, address and identity are enclosed here. The lease is valid on grounds of the following:

Time for which the lease stands valid: 3rd July, 2011 to 3rd July, 2015

Details of the house in question:

  • Address: 3, Mandy Gardens, UK
  • Physical condition: Stable, only a part of the bathroom tiles is broken

Fixtures provided along with the property:

  • Swimming pool
  • Kitchen items
  • Bedroom furniture

Terms and Conditions:

  • The lessee has to pay the rentals within 3rd week of every month for as long as the lease stands valid.
  • No part of the house should be damaged or tainted which would otherwise generate stern legal actions against him.
  • Lessee is liable to payment of $4500000 before taking possession of the said property.

Signature of lesser: _________________________________

Signature of lessee: _________________________________

Signature of witness: ________________________________

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