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A research strategy document is one which contains the methodology that shall be followed by a researcher in his pursuit for knowledge. A research strategy document must be written by a researcher before he actually begins the research. A well made research strategy document can save time and stress, by providing a readymade template which can be followed. It also lends organization and a structure to the work, and aids the research in countless other ways.

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Sample Research Strategy Document:

Research Strategy Document

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Name of research project: Impact of Migration [forced or unforced] upon refugees in South Eastern Asia

Date of submission of research project: 23rd June 2011

Purpose of research:

  • To contribute to the growing body of research on the effects of displacement on people in the region.
  • To focus on the stunted development of the urban cities that received the migrants, and the problems of crowding, lack of adequate resources and infrastructure collapse in such cities.

Methodology to be adopted in the research project:

  • The research paper shall be framed after talking to various migrant families in the area. This shall be done through the use of survey forms. We shall also hope to tease out the impact of forced migration on the descendants of the first generation settlers.
  • The British Library, The Asiatic Society Library and other public and private records detailing the events dealing with forced migration will be looked at by us.

Research paper length: 6000 words approx.

The paper shall be submitted to the CSRL or the Centre for Rehabilitation Literature for the Seminar to be held on the 4 and 5th of August 2011.

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