Research Documents

A research document is an important text that is prepared to maintain a record of all the proceedings of a certain research work. Starting from the planning of the research project to the actual procedure and coming to the conclusion, the entire process should have an official look and the document is hence prepared to give it a professional approach. The contents of research documents may vary depending on the purpose or nature of research but the basic format remains almost same for all research documents.

A research document may be framed by an individual or an institution conducting the research project, and should take into notice the following points that help frame the document in the desired pattern:

The topic of the research project and its scope or area of work should be mentioned at the beginning of the document.

The research document should provide complete details of the presiding authority, institute, or organization to be contacted for any research-related issue.

The date(s) should be provided correctly for the research project.

The document should contain details of all the individual sections of work involved as part of the respective research project.

The details of the research methodologies should also be stated in a clear pattern in the document, with complete explanation of all the technicalities. Graphs, drawings, and other illustrations should also be provided, wherever required.

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