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A research document represents the findings or conclusions of research. This is the final product of a research project which incorporates all the hard work and resources used in conducting the actual research. It is the document that is the culmination of the research and that is to be evaluated, discussed, submitted and judged. The research document thus is an extremely important document and must be composed with perfection.

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Research Document

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Project Tiger: Examining the Depletion of the Tiger Population in India and Bangladesh.

This project is part of an ongoing research into the diminishing wildlife of the Sunderbans, the largest mangrove forest in the world, located in both India [in the state of West Bengal] and Bangladesh. The research project has been commissioned by the Ministry of Wildlife, Government of India.

  • Our aim is to undertake a complete survey of the various areas of the Sunderbans and arrive at a new tally of the number of extant tigers still residing in the Sunderbans.
  • We hope that this report shall bring new facts to light about the state of wildlife conservation in the region, and determine if the efforts of the government have borne any fruit.
  • Since this is a joint venture by both countries, the report shall be made public in both countries. The last such research was undertaken 10 years ago, by the government and hence there is a huge need for a similar research to be undertaken now.

Date of submission of research document: 23rd June 2011

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