Research Document Template

A research document template is a document which provides the structure or basic layout of a research document. This enables the researcher to pursue his research according to the plan set forth by the template, since research document templates are usually completed before the actual process of writing down or presenting the findings of the research. Thus, it is the plan which can be followed by the researcher to ensure that all the important aspects of his project are highlighted.

You can Download the Free Research Document TemplateĀ customize it according to your needs and Print. Research Document TemplateĀ is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Research Document Template:

Research Document Template

Download Free Research Document Template

Name of research project: ___________________________________________ [Mention the name of the project or the topic on which research is to be done]

Date of submission of research document: ______________________________ [dd/mm/yy] [Mention the relevant date on which the research document must be submitted]

Nature of research document: _________________________________________ [Provide a brief introduction to the kind of research that needs to be conducted, mentioning generic kinds, length and depth of work, and any other relevant details]

Purpose research document:

  • ____________________________________
  • ____________________________________
  • ____________________________________ [Mention the reasons for conducting the research and representing the findings in the research document]

Funds accrued for research document: _________________________________________ [Mention the amount of funds gathered for the research document and the sources of the funding]

Mode of submission of research report: __________________________________ [Mention the manner in which the research report or document has to be submitted]

Authorities to receive a copy of the research document: _________________________________ [Mention the relevant names]

Resources to be used in the research document: _______________________________________ [Mention the names of the books, journals, internet resources, libraries etc which will be used in the research document]

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