Research Document Format

A research document format is a document which contains an outline of what to incorporate in a research document, its layout and its salient features. A research document has to follow certain rules and these should be encapsulated in a well-planned research format. The research format is a guideline that can be followed by a researcher himself, or by evaluators and other academics to understand the pith of the research project.

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Sample Research Document Format:

Research Document Format

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Nature of the research document:

This section of the research document must highlight the nature or kind of research that has been done. The exact specifications of the research project, its aims and purposes must also be mentioned. This section of the research document will form an introduction to the entire project.

Research document sponsored by:

For academic researches of a higher intensity, or for other kinds of research projects like governmental projects, business research projects and so on, funds become an important consideration which must be clearly explicated. They also affect the viewer’s perspective of a research project.

Impact of Research:

In this section of the research document, the tangible effects of the research project must be mentioned. For example, in case of an academic project, its contribution to the area under discussion must be considered. For social or governmental projects, their impact in addressing problems and their contribution in ensuring the welfare of people must be examined.

References and Bibliography:

Every research project must be adequately cited with references and referrals to make it relevant and part of an ongoing discourse on a particular topic. This must form the conclusion of the research document.

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