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Sample Research Document Example:

Research Document Example

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Name of research project: Hamlet and Suspicion: The First Detective Story.

Date of submission of research document: 12th January 2011

Research project submitted by: Jane Eyre

Class: UG 2

Course for which this research project has been submitted: English Literature from 1500 to 1630

Basic outline of the research document:

  • Hamlet, the famous play by Shakespeare, has been read in a number of ways. This research project intends to explore Hamlet as a detective story, given its underlying themes of exploration, suspicion, crimes and spying.
  • I also wish to focus on Elizabethan court politics and the suspicion that existed between the various court factions, which reflect on the pervasive atmosphere of detection in Hamlet, a play written during the times.

Number of words for the research project: 5000

Research document submitted to: Dr. Randolf Jones

References and citations: I have used the MLA style of citation in my research document. All references and source materials have been cited. Footnotes and annotations have also been referred to.

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