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Requirement documents are the documents which explain why a particular product is necessary and stresses upon its need. Any such document focuses upon the fact that how the product will look like once it is completed. A major part of any requirement document is the list of requirements.

Requirement in any document is the description of the properties of the system, instructions on how a system should work and the difficulties that can be faced during the development process. Requirements consist of the answers to the questions like what the system/product should do and how it will achieve its aim.

There are many purposes that a requirement document fulfils.  Following are a few examples of them:

  • Requirement documents consist of user requirements which are written from the point of view of the users and are explained in the narrative form.
  • The second type of requirement is the product requirement. Product requirement are the details of the purpose that the product is meant to fulfil. This part can consist of the specifications of the product or system like physical aspects as well as the way it is built or made.
  • The next type of requirement is the interface requirement which deal with the technical aspect of the product, if any. This part is usually written in the document in case of computer related products.
  • The last part of the requirement document should strictly be an overview which summarises all the aspects mentioned previously in the document. One should be precise but cover all important details so that someone who only reads this paragraph can easily get the required information.

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