Requirement Analysis Document

A requirement analysis document is one which is submitted by an individual or an organization to a panel of empanelled personnel or an authorizing body which is entrusted with the task of making necessary changes or adding or subtracting certain things. For example, a fund committee or a scholarship sponsorship committee is presented with a requirement analysis document on the basis of which they can make suitable decisions.

Sample Requirement Analysis Document

This Requirement analysis document submitted on behalf of Department of Education, Government of Minnesota

Requirements analysis document of: Department of English, University of Minnesota.

Date of submission of requirement analysis document: 12th June 2012.

Purpose of requirement analysis document:

  • To underscore the need for technical, academic, infrastructural and material improvement of the department which must then precede an effort to improve conditions and usher in changes.
  • To serve as an exemplar of a requirement analysis document and enable other departments of the university and other universities of the state to come up with their own requirement analysis document.
  • To provide the Department of Education with a written appeal for changes to be made in the department and to make it more self sufficient, functional and maximum efficient.

Requirements for the Department of English, University of Minnesota:

  • Two teaching posts [Assistant Professors] have been lying vacant for the past two years which need to be filled in immediately. It creates an enormous burden on the 10 established professors of the department otherwise.
  • Ten computer terminals have been non-functional for the past six months despite repeated requests to substitute them or repair them.
  • Our computer terminals are located in a computer bank in the department itself, and are used by both students and professors for working pertaining to their research and academic purposes. These computer terminals often contain valuable data which students cannot afford to lose.

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