Report Specification Document

A report specification document mentions the technicalities needed to be followed for the report specification process. Such a document must contain the scope of the report, the purpose and what is required in the report. This helps the report developer to create the report, the testing team gets to know what the report must look like and what functions to include, the training team gets information on what training materials must be created and so on. It also enables the support team to help the users of the report once everything has been implemented. Information should also be given on the various data fields that need to be included in the report. Other areas to be included are how the report will be grouped and how the data will be sorted.

Sample Report Specification Document:

Name of company: Lyman Communications

Address: 822 Windy Avenue, Beaumont

Document prepared by: Will Farris

Project Leader, Lyman Communications

Document prepared on: April 10, 2012

Document submitted on: April 12, 2012

Version: V1

Purpose: The purpose of the report is to mention the business and technical specifications for a report from Students Goals to help the report developer to create the report, let the testers know what the report should look like, inform the trainers on how to develop training material

Other details:

  • The database fields should include details of cycle of application and mention the academic year
  • The fee status and student details must be included
  • The type of output requested is in PDF

Document approved and signed by: Bernice Johnson

Manager, Lyman Communications

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