Report Design Document

A report design document is an official document stating the ways a report should be prepared. It contains the major inputs of a report such as purpose of the report, layout of the report, target and achievements and other related inputs. It is usually prepared by a person, who is experienced in report designing. It is an indispensable tool in any institution: schools, colleges, offices, business houses, governing authority and so on.

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Sample Report Design Document:

Report Design Document

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The purpose of this report design is to analyze the performance of the company and judge its progress, with the given requirements and technical facilities. It should give an overview of the project and the target audience. This should be followed by the amount of capital investment, the accessories used, the raw materials needed, the implements and machinery employed and other related manufacturing details.

The layout of the report should be simple and unambiguous. It should be made in columns, stating the product name against the amount of investment for each product and the business profit or loss against each. The amount of loan taken (if any) should also be stated against each item. There should be a separate sub-section on technical overview, which should highlight the machinery used for production and their cost of implementation.

The last section of the report should contain an analysis of the total expenditure and total income, thereby analyzing the total profit or loss of the business. It should state the financial target of the company and the goal reached by the company.

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