Rental Lease Document

A rental lease document is a formal document which is framed in the case when a person or party called the LESSOR rents a particular commodity, item or any other entity to another person or party called the LESSEE. Such rental lease documents consist of certain legally binding terms and conditions on the basis of which the arrangement is sealed. Rental lease documents also consist of the details of the rental charge which the LESSEE pays to the LESSOR. Given below is a sample of a rental lease document which can be used for reference purpose.

Sample Rental Lease Document:

This rental lease arrangement has been finalized between two parties, the LESSOR and the LESSEE. The lease arrangement has been made for the lease of an office space situated at address R-90, second floor, Marks lane, London

The details of the LESSOR and LESSEE are given as follows:

LESSOR name: Mr. Martin Brown

Address: 4-H, first floor, Henry town, London

LESSEE Name: Mr. Fred White

Address: D-89, Bill enclave, London

The details of office space to be leased are given as follows:

Rental charge per month: $ 400

Commencement date of lease: 3rd Nov 2012

Termination date of lease: 3rd Nov 2013

Term of lease: 12 months

The following are the terms and conditions of the rental lease:

  • The LESSOR shall hand over the office space to the LESSEE on the commencement date of lease.
  • The LESSEE shall have to hand over the office space back to the LESSOR on the termination date of the lease.
  • The LESSEE shall be provided with facilities including water supply electricity supply, internet connection.
  • The LESSEE would have to look after and pay for the maintenance and repair of the office space.

Both the parties agree with these terms and conditions.

Signature of the parties:

Martin Brown

Fred White

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