Rental Contract Document

A rental contract document highlights the agreement of lease especially when it deals with real estate. The document contains the basic terms and conditions of rent and all the legal issues dealing with payment, usage and duration of the lease. The rental contract document also contains provisions for housing, storage, parking, private and governmental use.  Therefore, this kind of document should be drafted carefully yet lucidly so that it could be presented in case of any future contrariety.

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Sample Rental Contract Document:

Rental Contract Document

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Parties Rental Contract document between Fisher’s Real Estate Enterprise and Mr. Paul Mattson

Annexure 1

Parties in Contract:

  • Fisher’s Real Estate Enterprise ( referred here as A)
  • Mr. Paul Mattson (referred here as B)

Nature of rental contract: This document specifies that the verbal agreement between A and B regarding the lease of A’s property to B is as follows:

  • Duration of contract: 6 years
  • Date of commencement: 30th August, 2011
  • Date of termination: 1st September, 2017

Points to note:

  • B is liable to pay monthly installments of the rent to A according to what was decided in the initial agreement.
  • B is liable to strict consequences in case of damage of property.
  • In case of failure to meet the payment requirement, property will be confiscated and legal actions will be taken by A against B.

The agreement is hereby signed by the following parties:

Signature of representative of A: ______________

Signature of representative of B: __________________

Signature of witness: ______________

Signature of advocate: _______________

Date: 20/9/2011                                                                                                                                   Place: Chicago

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