Rental Agreement Document

A rental agreement document is one which outlines the various facets of a rental agreement including the terms and conditions which govern the agreement. It is a legally valid document and must be framed carefully in order to eliminate mistakes. It must be clear and precise and comprehensive so that all important aspects are alluded to and completely illuminated.

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Sample Rental Agreement Document

Rental Agreement Document

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The following document is a testimony to the agreement between Diana Ross of 45 Apple Orchard Street, Minnesota and Cherry Bloom of 56 Canal Street New York regarding the renting of the former’s apartment on 54 Bond Street, Minnesota Privet. The former will henceforth be referred to as the lessor and the latter will be referred to as the lessee. The duration of the rent will be 5 years from the date of commencement of the contract, which is 4th January 2011.

The date of termination thus is 4th January 2016. The apartment is currently valued at $5000000 by real estate pricings and the lessee will have to pay an initial down payment of $100000 to the lessor. The remaining monthly installments will be paid by the lessee in due course, over the period of the rent, as decided by both the lessor and the lessee by mutual agreement.

All terms and conditions must be read carefully and understood clearly. In case of any dispute, the verdict of the Court of Minnesota will rest final and binding.

Signature of lessor: ___________________________

Signature of lessee: ___________________________

Signature of advocate: _________________________

Signature and seal of notary: ____________________

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