Refugee Travel Document

A refugee travel document is a document which legally allows a refugee to travel to and from the state where he usually resides. Since refugees are not entitled to state passports, the necessity of issuing refugee travel document is felt hugely with these people making their entry legitimate. Thus the document must bind the stipulations that are made for them exclusively.

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Sample Refugee Travel Document

Refugee Travel Document

Download Free Refugee Travel Document

Application Requirements of Refugee Travel Document

1. Eligibility Criteria

The following are the criteria that make a refugee suitable for application:

  • Valid status of a refugee
  • Permanent resident of US by virtue of the status
  • Proof of all the above

2. Preconditions

The preconditions that have to be present for application are:

  • Past refugee travel document submitted to the USCIS
  • Loss of earlier refugee travel document
  • Notice given by the Federal Register in favor of the travel to the places under consideration

3. Validity

The validity period of the document is fixed and terminates in the following manner:

  • After one year from the date of issue or
  • On the date when the refugee status expires
  • It is not subject to further extension

4. Legal Document

The following documents are essential for verification of identity and personal data:

  • Application form along with application fees
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Copy of refugee status document
  • Driver license issued by government
  • Residential proof

5. Contact Information

For filing application and sending the form, contact on the following address:

USCIS Service Centre

Lee Cooper Road, Georgian Towers

United States

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