Reconstruction Document

A pre construction document is a sort of abstract outlining the basic premises of the construction project. It is the result of many discussions between the construction company and the company sponsoring the project. It contains details like budget estimation, schedule, work time etc. it must be clearly written and well constructed. A good preconstruction document is an absolute necessity for the success of the project.

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Sample Reconstruction Document

Reconstruction Document

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Name of Construction Company: Builders Inc.

Date of submission of preconstruction document: 1st January 2011.

Name of construction project for which a preconstruction document is being prepared: Construction of office complex off the Grand Arcade, New Jersey.

Construction project commissioned by: Red Eye Pvt. Ltd.

Purpose of this preconstruction document:

  • This preconstruction document will be an indicator of important areas of concern like budget, schedule and availability of labor.
  • It also discusses the scope of value engineering and value management which are systems to reduce cost.
  • It allows for flexibility between the involved parties, as well as a clearing of the air regarding contentious issues.
  • It also serves as a preliminary document which will help furnish guidelines for successive stages of the project.
  • It also serves as a document which will serve as a point of reference in case of disputes.

Estimated budget for this construction project: 400 million USD

Date of commencement of the construction project: 4th July 2011

Date of termination of the project [estimated]: August 2018

Points to be noted about the construction project:

Preliminary schedule of construction project will be handed over in: February 2011

For more information please contact: 3878567656

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