Real Estate Lease Document

A real lease document is a head which includes all those documents which are prepared by the involved parties to record the lease deal that they have made on a real estate property. Real estate consists of land or buildings which may be for commercial, industrial or residential use. A lease is an arrangement according to which the owner of the real estate lease the respective property to someone else for a certain period of time. Such documents are legally binding for the involved parties and can lead to legal implications against the party which has violated any of the conditions of the lease. A sample of a real estate lease document is being given here and can be used for reference.

Sample Real Estate Lease Document

Date of documentation: 1st April 2001

Statement of the Document: This document registers the lease deal which has been made by the under mentioned parties, regarding a real estate property details of which are also given here.

Date on beginning of lease: 1st April 2001

Date of expiry: 30th April 2004

Details of the owner of the real estate:

Name: Ms. Odette Morton

Contact No.: 263-527-435

Correspondence Address: 234, 2nd Street, Wands worth, London, United Kingdom.

Details of the party leasing the property:

Name: Mr. Charles Forbes

Contact No.: 472-354-617

Details of the real estate being leased:

Type: Residential Loft

Address: 22, 2nd Floor, St. Peter’s Street, Barking and Dagenham, London, United Kingdom.

Terms of the lease:

  • The amount to be paid for the lease has been negotiated between the parties, and the payment has to be made on a quarterly basis.
  • The lease is in no way to be considered a permanent transfer of ownership of the property.

Signatures of the involved parties:

Odette Morton

Charles Forbes

Signature of the witness:

Greg Hill

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