Purchase Contract Document

A purchase contract document articulates the provisions of a purchase contract between a seller and a buyer that lucidly define the groundwork on which the contract agreement stands. It is an extremely imperative part of a purchase action and must be affirmed by the court before final accomplishment of the contract. Thus the document should be designed intricately.

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Sample Purchase Contract Document

Purchase Contract Document

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This purchase contract asserts a purchase transaction between Mr. Denis Pool (buyer) and Mr. Polish Brooke (seller) with respect to a garage located at 5, Tennis Street, in the city of Las Vegas, US. The following are the terms enveloping the deed in the legal context:

  • The contract will be validated on payment of the full money which is set down at $4, 00,000 at the time of concluding the deed.
  • The payment will have to be made in cheque and a copy of the cheque will have to be produced in court during the legal proceedings to confirm the payment.
  • The purchase transaction will have to be testified by advocates and be signed by them with proper dates.
  • The seller must guarantee that the property is free from damages and disfigurements at the time of its sale. In case of damages, a deduction of the fee will have to be obtained proportionate to the expenses incurred on the repair and restoration of the structure.
  • The possession of the property will be legalised on 6th September, 2011 and the insurance papers shall be transferred to the buyer on the same date.


Denis Pool

Polish Brooke

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