Proposal Tender Document

A proposal tender document is one which contains details of a proposal sent from one company to another. Such a document aims at establishing a working relationship between the two companies and hence it is a very critical document which must be clear and comprehensive. It should be written by one who is aware of the nitty-gritty of the deal in question and is usually in response to a tender bid or an advertisement by the client company.

Sample Proposal Tender Document

This is an abstract from a proposal tender document submitted on the 1st of June 2012 by Fresh Vegetables Pvt. Ltd. to Gino’s Fast Food Centre, New York and New Jersey. The complete proposal tender document is available on the website The complete proposal tender document can also be obtained on written request to Fresh Vegetables Pvt. Ltd., 23 Empire State Building, New York.

“In response to your advertisement of 25th April 2012, we hereby propose a tender of 4.5 million USD per annum for a period of two years. Within the period mentioned, we shall supply fresh produce [fruits and vegetables as well as dairy products] to Gino’s Fast Food Centre. We do not supply meat or poultry products. In return of the amount of money specified above, we shall ensure fresh supply every day for a period of two years, including responsibility for delivery to your kitchens. Upon termination of the contract, it can be liable for renewal if you have no complaints.

Overleaf are written the terms and conditions of the contract and the circumstances under which, if the fresh produce is not able to be delivered to the client, we do not take responsibility for our failure. Care should be taken to read the following clauses carefully and ensure that there is no confusion. We hope to hear a reply from you soon and establish a working relationship with your esteemed institution.”

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