Proposal Technical Document

A proposal technical document is one which outlines the technical requirements of an individual or a company to another individual or company. It is a very important document which is submitted after a thorough survey of a project or institution. It is submitted prior to the actual starting of any work and is a sort of evaluation of the possible requirements of the project. Thus it preempts requirements and problems and anticipates their possible solutions. It must be written with care and should be accurate and comprehensive.

Sample Proposal Technical Document

Proposal technical document submitted by: Jenna Jenkins

Designation: PhD Scholar on the Commonwealth Grant by the Government of Australia.

Nature of proposal technical document: To provide an idea of the technical requirements of the scholar for her PhD thesis as part of the Fund Review Committee Abstract.

Date of submission of proposal technical document: 21st June 2012

Date of submission of research thesis: 20th June 2015

Purpose of the proposal technical document:

n  To create an understanding about the technical requirements of the scholar to the Fund Committee.

n  To put forth a list of requirements of the scholar which would benefit her to be granted by the University Grants Committee

Proposal technical document requirements:

n  The scholar will require access to two institutions which will require official permission from the UGC: The British Institute of Archival Documents and the British Institute of Colonial Treasures.

n  The scholar will require funds from the CW Grant for at least 5 years. This is part of the contract for the scholarship and it is subject to periodic revision by the Scholarship Grants Committee.

n  As part of the technical requirements for her thesis, the scholar will be required Visa facilities for two countries, namely, Pakistan and Nepal, where governmental intervention is needed for the granting of a visa.

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