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Proposal Documents are agreement between two or more parties wherein one party proposes while the other can accept or reject it. A proposal document is a kind of an offer document which consists of the details of the proposal. A document of proposal can be of different kinds but is mainly used as a business proposal document in most cases.

Companies write proposal documents to attract more clients, new businesses as well as sales. Proposals are also written when a student wishes to get funding for further studies. There are many non profit organisations also which write these documents in order to secure programs and initiative funds. But the main thing is all such proposals are the fact that they have to persuasive enough to get the document accepted. The language used should be formal. If you are looking for just sample proposals documents please visit the links below this page.

The following points shall help you to frame the right kind of a proposal document:

  • A proposal document should start with a paragraph that talks about the offer proposed and why is the recipient the choice for the writer’s request.
  • One has to be realistic and practical while writing the budget and completion time of the schedule.
  • In case your proposal letter is lengthy, do not worry about editing it because some proposals can contain a lot of specifications and details.
  • The last paragraph can contain the lines which convey your thankfulness towards the recipient.

The following are a few examples of proposal documents based on their purpose:

  • Business proposal document
  • Scientific Research proposal document
  • Partnership proposal document

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