Proposal Document Template

Proposal documents are presented by one party to another proposing any particular contract or agreement for their approval. The proposal might get approved or rejected but that entirely depends upon the content and facts of the matter that is being proposed. Therefore, a proposal document template should be framed by highlighting all the essential and beneficial facts.

You can Download the Free Proposal Document Template customize it according to your needs and Print. Proposal Document Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Proposal Document Template

Proposal Document Template

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Title of the proposal __________________ [Begin the proposal by giving a suitable title to it according to its purpose]

Proposal presented by _______________ [name the person/company/authority/group presenting the proposal]

Date of presenting the proposal _________ [dd/mm/yy]

Background of the presenter: [give a detailed overview on proposal presenter’s goal and objective]


Description of the proposal: [give description of the proposal through its various aspects clearly so that it gives a clear picture to the intended audience about the proposal content]

  • ___________ [name of 1st aspect]

____________________________________________ [description of 1st aspect]

  • ___________ [name of  2nd aspect]

____________________________________________ [description of 2nd aspect]

  • ___________ [name of 3rd aspect]

____________________________________________ [description of 3rd aspect]

Plans for implementing the proposal: [mention the detailed overview regarding the plans that is decided to be implemented]

  • _______________[ name of plan 1]

________________________ [description of plan 1]

  • ________________[name of plan 2]

_________________________ [description of plan 2]

Plans regarding regulation of the proposal: [mention how the proposal would be regularized and publicized in order to achieve more acceptances from the targeted audience]


Budget estimated _______________________ [budget estimated for implementing the proposal]

Estimated time for fulfilling the proposal ________________________________ [mention in years]

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