Proposal Document Format

Proposal document is presented by one party proposing an agreement or contract to another or more parties who might accept or reject. Therefore, proposal document format should be so constructed that it is successful in achieving maximum acceptance from the concerning parties.

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Sample Proposal Document Format

Proposal Document Format

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Title of the proposal _____________________

Proposal presented by __________________

Date of presenting the proposal __________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph should outline the detailed overview about the person or the organization who is presenting the proposal document. It should elucidate the entire purpose of the proposal briefly. Even it should also depict the objective or intention of the presenter clearly. One must ensure to construct this paragraph with clarity so that the targeted audience gets a clear picture on it.

Second Paragraph: While framing the proposal one should always try to make it more appreciable and accessible by incorporating interesting and beneficial plans. This paragraph should be framed with utmost precision where one should mention detailed plans that are to be implemented on acceptance of the proposal and by what process the plans are to be made effective for benefit of the targeted people. One should be specific and should not make dubious plans which would never be implemented because this might terminate the proposal acceptance by the intended audience at any point of time.

Third Paragraph: The last paragraph should convey gratitude of the recipient. It should also mention about the budget and the time required for completing the entire proposed purpose. Most importantly one should be careful in mentioning these important points.

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